Onboard in minutes

Smooth and compliant digital onboarding for the 21st century

First impressions matter. Stop asking your clients to engage in lengthy back-and-forths: you can now offer digital onboarding. It’s fast, uncomplicated and fully KYC- and AML compliant.

Everything you need for a delightful onboarding experience

Straightforward, digital identification

Let clients identify themselves through an easy to use, interactive interface. In the background we check and vet the client against AML/KYC databases and watch lists - so your compliance officers can focus on the important details.

Digital Identification

Clients identify themselves digitally with their passport, via webcam or mobile phone. As simple as taking a picture.

Relevant checks: Check.

We check the identified client against over 192 data bases for AML/KYC compliance, PEP, sanctions list and many more.

Compliance, faster than ever

Ensuring your clients comply with both your and your regulators' standards is key. We redefined the client experience from A to Z, while streamlining your processes.

Interactive Questionnaires

Let clients answer all regulator-relevant questions in a friendly, conversational way.

Risk and compliance, in the loop

Include compliance officers directly into the conversation - invisible to the client but full context for them.

Granular consent possibilities

Give your clients control over what they want to see and track. This way, your communication becomes fully (GDPR) compliant from day one. Provide your client with truthful security and trust.

Lightning fast contract sign-offs

All required signatures from clients or colleagues, fully digital and legally binding. From simple to fully qualified signatures for account-openings, Teebly has you covered.

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