Mass document sending

Send hundreds of documents at once. In seconds.

Simply upload your day's work or all your end-of-month documents; we make sure each goes to the right client. At their preference, we deliver the document either fully digital or via paper post. No more tedious, individual sending of each item.

Minimizing paper-based processes = winning your time back.

All your documents sent at the click of a button

Save hours on sending out individual documents. Whether it’s 2000 invoices at the end of the month, or a few dozen letters on a weekday - simply drag and drop all your files into Teebly and we take care of the rest. Go fully digital and minimize paper handling inefficiencies.

Digital or physical letter.
A clients choice.

Some clients prefer to receive their documents on hard copy. Luckily, this is no longer an administrative burden for businesses. Teebly takes care of delivering your digital documents to the right client, either digitally or via post. Sophisticated document processing makes this possible at a fraction of your traditional print + mail service costs. You’ll miss your trips to the printroom!

Trace your documents end-to-end

The days something got ‘lost in the mail’ or ‘ended up in spam’ are over: Teebly’s address matching is as accurate as it gets. We deliver each of your uploaded files to the right client, using smart algorithms and a bit of magic (a.k.a Artificial Intelligence). In the rare case we aren’t sure, you’re asked for a quick check. Teebly remembers for next time.

All the content of your paper archives at your fingertips.

Paper archives limit you to work mostly with recent information. But why do so, if you can work with the complete history? Digitise your paper trails with Teebly and get extensive search capabilities on all your documents, instantly. You’ll be glad to know we also take care of audit-proof archiving, storage and back-up. Don’t let paper weigh you down.

What now?