Collaborative Conversations

Build stronger relationships, with less work.

Email is one of the biggest productivity killers for you and your team - and a nuisance for your clients. Bring each interaction to the next level and start collaborating in one, ongoing conversation. Secure, interactive and automating exactly the right aspects of communication.

The clear, simple Teebly interface

Conversations, not email ping pong

Conversations with context

Your clients want conversations, not email ping-pong. Start and continue them in Teebly. A single, ongoing conversation per client, colleague or group ensures that everybody is always on the same page.

Productive Collaboration

Include clients, colleagues or other stakeholders right into conversations and bring everybody into the same “room” for a hyper-productive exchange. Define what parts of the conversation people have access to, and for how long. You’ll never have to worry someone sees messages or documents that don’t involve them.
Bring in colleagues for hidden discussions with full context or allow your client to add his lawyer or accountant.

File exchange

Share documents with your clients and team instantly. One version, one truth.

Face-to-face. Digital.

Voice and video conversation directly from Teebly. Easily include third parties or colleagues.

Bank-grade security

Highest security as a baseline, including full encryption of all interactions. Finally keep your legal professional privilege and sleep well at night.

Smart workflows with tasks and reminders

Get clients and colleagues to act, without any of the busywork. Your job description did not include “chasing people” in the first place, right? Friendly, automated alerts and tasks help you get signatures quicker, receive documentation faster and accelerate workflows overall. Create tasks yourself, or simply accept automatically suggested ones based on the content of documents and messages that have been exchanged.

Self-organising messages

Don’t waste time managing and organising your messages and documents. Our algorithms find relevant information in your data such as mandate references or project names, and logically group messages, documents and contacts. Fully automated.

What now?