Focus on client conversations.
Leave the rest to us.

We remember the bad old days: piles of paperwork, admin and filing insecure email and documents.
Let us take care of these nuisances. Smart automation, security and interactions to make your daily workflows easier, so you can focus on what matters: the client.

Use Cases

Made for high-trust businesses

Teebly has been developed in close collaboration with experts in high-trust industries to ensure a seamless integration into existing workflows and processes.

The clear, simple Teebly interface
Simple Conversations

Send and receive messages and documents in one on-going conversation. All in an easy-to-use interface.

Find everything

Find any message or document within seconds, including ones that you have already archived.


All messages and documents are transferred and stored encrypted. Bank-grade security out of the box.

Time saver

Upload all your documents and invoices and we take care of delivery - digital or on paper in seconds.


Everything you and your clients do is logged in an audit-proof and compliant way.


Available anywhere and on any device that runs a browser. No more maintenance needed.

Use Cases

Read how others in your industry use Teebly.


"Our clients and employees are with us for the long term, and communicate frequently with the partners at our firm. We often receive (sensitive) documents from our clients over post and e-mail. Processing these used to be a lot of admin work, on which we would spend about 20% of our time - time we often did not have due to tight timelines. In addition, we often have to request additional information from our clients - they forget a document or a signature, for example - which then took another couple of days.
Teebly made all of the above a lot easier for us. Instead of days and hours, this now takes us minutes - which frees up valuable time of our team to spend on building client relationships, for example."

Peter, Fiduciary in London
Long term clients served in seconds
  • Secure day-to-day messaging
  • Faster processes for sending and receiving documents
  • Invoices and letters sent in seconds
  • Fast legally fully accepted digital signatures


"In our business, (court) deadlines are all-determining. Teebly’s alternative to relying on the Post to receive and send sensitive information was therefore very attractive to us. We often perform under tight deadlines, and always have to ensure our clients' information is safe; it simply cannot fall into the wrong hands. That required us to still use postal mail as a main channel of communication. Apart from the material, the time delay in getting answers and signatures, our monthly Express Courier bill, as well as the extra work of logging all communication for future referral were costing us money.
Additionally, the hours spent on locating e-mails and documents when we needed a quick but waterproof understanding of what had been said or agreed with our clients or third parties, added to the lost time. We benefit from Teebly because it takes all of this out of our hands; we now have an alternative route to paper post that is more secure and traceable. The traceability makes a big difference because we can now, in one click, see exactly what has been exchanged. And: it stands in court."

More mandates, fewer errors and admin
  • Digital signatures incl. fully qualified ones in seconds
  • No more filing emails
  • Todos and Reminders to keep deadlines
  • Tagging link conversations to mandates

Real Estate Management

"In our business, we communicate with multiple stakeholders: landlords of the properties we manage, as well as tenants and third parties such as handymen. Some more frequent than others, but overall the communication added up to more than half of our time spent in the office. With Teebly we’ve cut that back to about a tenth. Time is mainly saved on mass messages we used to send out by hand - for example, informing a whole tenant block (60+) about maintenance work, or sending out 500 end-of-month reminders and invoices. These used to take us days of individually printing and distributing documents. Now, it’s minutes.
A second noticeable benefit is that we quite often had to dig back through tens of messages exchanged with one tenant distributed over e-mail, phone calls, text message and paper letters, to find that one point he or she was inquiring about. With Teebly we have it all there, and can search it - also within the documents that were exchanged. That saves time.
A final practical benefit we see is that Teebly automatically archives for us. We don’t have to think about which documents we legally are required to store for 5, 10 or 20 years.""

Happy tenants, land lords and employees
  • Simple tenant communication. Digital and via paper.
  • Todos for third-parties and transparancy for landlords and tenants
  • Invoices and letters sent in seconds
  • Sign rent and purchasing agreements on the spot

Wealth and Asset Management

"Our clients are high net worth individuals with high expectations. Due to the privacy-sensitive character of our profession, a high level of security and sophistication is expected when it comes to handling incoming and outgoing statements and letters. The financial and reputational risk of sending something to the wrong address is one we are not willing to take.
The reason we use Teebly is because it is a more secure and faster communication channel between us and our clients, as well as their lawyers and accountants. Not to forget regulators and institutional investors, to whom we are responsible to report regularly. Teebly simplifies several processes for us: specifically, the onboarding and background check of new clients, the distribution of statement and letters (per post or digitally), and in general the ‘paperwork’ that comes with our business. For example, we can now easily add in third parties such as the lawyers or accountants of our clients, to give input on client matters in the capacity our client prefers.
The on-boarding of new clients, for which we have to do KYC checks and screening, used to be specifically time consuming. It required a lot of back and forth between the client, ourselves and the authorities, making it a tedious experience for the client. Not how we prefer to start relationships. This is a third major point where Teebly helps us deliver a much better experience to our clients."

Create Value, not paper.
  • Fully digital onboarding and contract signature
  • Conversational Checklists to free up compliance officer
  • Sensitive documents securely delivered
  • Letters sent out in bulk for quartely reports

Human Resources

"Our work involves frequent communication, including exchange of documents. Mostly with employees of our client companies. At the end of each month, we distribute payslips to each of them. As these are classified as sensitive documents, we can’t simply e-mail them. We used to have to print and certify stamp each of them, put in envelopes, and post each employees home addresses. The whole process used to take days. Now it goes straight from our HR system into Teebly, taking care of the distribution per post without us having to interfere, and it’s cheaper per letter sent.
Secondly, we manage a large pool of freelancers who have to fill out documentation for each new assignment they take on. We can now get their signatures much quicker, which helps us in turn please our clients who are often on tight deadlines. Another process Teebly took over from us is background checks - it has massively cut back the time of receiving the appropriate documents from applicants, as well as getting those to the background check provider, and so forth.
The data we handle day by day is almost entirely personal data, so we have to adhere to a strict secrecy level. We used to have complex archiving systems in place to ensure every member on the team could only access the files relevant to them, but that was a struggle. These permissions are much easier to manage within Teebly, ensuring the right people can see the right information - and only that information. "

Focus on the human, not the admin
  • Emloyment contracts and payslips delivered to the right person
  • Communicate any kind of message, highly secure
  • Simple checks and todos for quick coordination
  • Fast legally fully accepted digital signatures

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