Our mission is to reinvent
how companies communicate with their clients

Our Story

We founded Teebly because we saw an opportunity to use the latest technologies to reinvent how companies communicate with their clients. Specifically when it comes to sensitive information, current options are letting companies down: untraceable paper mail, insecure e-mail and client-unfriendly web portals. We realized that using new tech, we could do this radically better: we could make company-client communication hyper-productive, rich and interactive - and for the first time available to smaller companies who don’t have large budgets nor in-house IT departments.

Our team has previously built e-banking and output management systems, worked with big data, and built machine learning (AI) based text extraction systems. We worked at and with small and big companies all over Europe, with an emphasis on financial services. We saw first-hand that whilst the web matured and big players in social media, banking, retail and technology started to define how we communicate with each other, the way companies communicate with their clients kept falling farther behind. Even large corporates relied on tedious manual tasks.
We realized that if we merged all of our expertise together, we could provide a radically better solution - especially when it came to the sensitive type of information we would personally not feel safe to e-mail to our accountant or bank. As a result, Teebly was launched in 2017. We pride ourselves to have established ‘hours freed up of admin work’ as one of our most important client success measures. It’s our personal mission to help our customers free up time so they can focus on what matters: meaningful client conversations.

The Founders

Philippe Koenig

Co-Founder, CEO

Entrepreneur with geeky roots and food + whiskey aficionado. Previously UBS and Swisscom. Spent 15 years in IT across 3 continents. Built community portals, output management-, e-banking- and big data systems. 3rd time entrepreneur. Holds an MSc from UCL. Highly opinionated about blockchain.

Miro Batchkarov

Co-Founder, CTO

Holds a PhD Natural Language Processing (Machine Learning). Spent 10+ years programming all kinds of things in academic and start-up settings. Also answers to ‘data scientist’ and gets overexcited about Python. Two-wheeled vehicles enthusiast, cycles everywhere.

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