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Our mission is to empower you
to bring your customer relations to the next level

Our Story

Teebly's mission is to make customer communication more interesting. We want to use latest technologies to re-invent how companies communicate with their customers. Interactive, rich and hyper-productive (also secure and compliant - but thats more a requirement than a cool thing to do).

We started Teebly to upgrade SMEs in financial and professional services to the 21st century. The web matured and big players in social media, banking and search have defined the way we communicate. Yet, when we actually get in contact with companies not much has progresses since 1997, we're stuck to email and landlines. And companies have to rely on tedious manual tasks.

After building ebanking, big-data, output management and machine learning based text extraction sytems at small and big companies all over Europe, we thought it was time to merge all of these things together and actually provide a new, interactive and expressive way to communicate on some of the most important pieces of information in our lifes.

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